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Packaging Services

Packaging Services

Packaging of pharmaceutical products Manipulados Barcelona a contract company for third parties with GMP and ISO certificates for producing and packaging of pharmaceutical products and food supplements.

Manipulados Barcelona has a range of machine equipment that it uses to make the different steps of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging :

  • Primary packaging Manufacturing of capsules gelatin or powder :
    • Blistering (gelatine capsules/capsules/tablets)
    • Placement in bulk tablet bottle (gelatine capsules/ capsules/tablets)
    • Placement in blister
  • Secondary packaging - Placement in cases
  • Tertiary packaging :
    • Placement in boxes
    • Placement in display cases
  • Design and development :
    • Packaging design
    • Graphic design (Creation of native graphic files for approval for printing)
    • Management of approvals for printing
  • Full service - Purchase packaging components (formulation/capsules/cases/leaflets/labels/tablet/ blister/aluminium/ printing etc.)

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